EXCLUSIVE: Jah-Bless – JOOR OH (Remix) ft Ice Prince, eLDee, Ruggedman, Durella, Reminisce

Post by Ovie O, October 27th, 2010

Naija Stand Up!

Collaborations don’t get alot heavier than this! In 2009, Jah-Bless dropped the very popular single “Joor Oh” which made a big impact on the streets. The somewhat comic nature of the song sat well with most critics far and wide, thereby earning the title “Street Smash!”

Now, Jah-Bless has cranked it up a notch by doing a remix with some of the biggest/hottest rappers in Nigeria: Ice Prince, Ruggedman, eLDee, Durella and Reminisce. I swear I’ve been playing this song non-stop for a minute now. Crazy beat, absolutely hilarious verses (I don’t even know where to start), and in summary, a great total package. I foresee another hit!

#InOtherNews: The Rebirth Album (released in 2009) is still doing well in the market and can be purchased on iTunes. Jahbless is currently working on a new album scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2011. Also watch out for the “Joor Oh (Remix)” video here on notjustOk.com. You know how we do. :-)


Follow JahBless on twitter: @Jahblessme1
Join his Facebook Group: JahblessMusic

Produced By Sarz

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35 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Jah-Bless – JOOR OH (Remix) ft Ice Prince, eLDee, Ruggedman, Durella, Reminisce”

  1. FROGGY says:


  2. tibolo says:

    opolo ninu geisha o wa ni china… jooo

  3. YUN YANG says:

    LWKMD!!!! Oni feh fi 9ice shey Bouncer…………..mehn dat one na die die……rugeddy nice1…..Oni feh shey TCHEWWWW!!!! Fuun MOPOL….

  4. OCHIN DOZIE says:

    i go like see jide kosoko be spartacus!!! ice PRINCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cabrini Ochinanwata says:

    i go like see yahoo boy ask wetin be capslock!!!!!!!! ice prince rocks… JOOOOOOOOOOOO ohhhhhhhhhh

  6. Emmanuelle Hype says:

    I’m feeling the jam, how can I download it?..

  7. seun says:

    Jor oooooo oni fe fi 2face ti fine gurl,oni fe ran M.I lo mu nkan lori aja,Oni fe so fun IT MAN ko gbe konga,Oni fe fi abirun se skillpo,Oni fe so fun OKO ko ma wa bias,Oni fe fi Terry G se manager of Ganja company ke,Oni fe dan agabara wo ni iwa ju Lion,Oni fe ran 9ja man lo se suicide Bombers,Oni fe fi Obama se maga,Oni fe fi Hennessy so omo loru ko. LMAO I'M HAVING FUN WITH MEHN,,,

  8. jigga says:

    Illest remix. All of 'em boiz pitiing fire!. Good bad Track.

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  10. FROGGIE says:

    i keep listening to this track…..jorrrrrrrrrrrrrro

  11. cross says:


  12. akmovich says:

    Oni fe fi Chinese balm shee masturbation..

  13. budaino says:

    eldee da DON………….

  14. Dave kaycey says:

    The joint is just too much,they all killed it especially ice prince.joor

  15. Seyi says:

    O ni fe fi irun private part ge gallas,joo o,o ni fe fi typewriter se yahoo,joo o.

  16. SLEEK says:

    Like for real, Da Grin would've murdered this track if he was alive! R.I.P Da Grin……I love this Jam like mad! I wonder where Sauce Kid was? He should be on this jam jooorr ooooh! O oni fe fi Jonathan se prison break!

  17. kofmanian says:

    Hw i wish say dagrin dey dis track, he go to bamm jooooooooooooooooooooo

  18. devlinblake says:

    i dey feel you o

  19. oni fe se prison break la lakan men micheal scotfield sef go lost

  20. oluwanifesimi babs says:

    oni fese prison break la lakan,micheal scotfield sef go lost

  21. eche fidelis says:

    Its jus awesome

  22. Salawu Taiye Samir says:

    I like it more rspecially ELDEE ''super glue se ole fi se eye drop''.

  23. Salawu Taiye Samir says:

    I like it more rspecially ELDEE ''super glue se ole fi se eye drop''.

  24. John Emma says:

    Xup man u are good.

  25. John Emma says:

    Xup man u are good.

  26. valwizzy says:

    Ofe lo jo kele ni IHOP.

  27. oluwanifesimi babs says:

    walai jahbless olenu dar quest

  28. abi says:

    American restaurant

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