Vector – Oleku (Vector Version) + Album Track Listing

Post by Demola OG, October 19th, 2010

Vector has elevated to a new level in the game. The position, popularity and respect that he currently has as an artiste creates the perfect time to drop his highly anticipated debut album which has a release date of Oct 29. Before the album drops, go ahead and accustom yourself to the track listing below so that you kind of know what to expect from the album.

Also, Vector decided to do a ‘Vector Version’ of IcePrince’s smash hit, ‘Oleku’ ft. Brymo to wet our appetite as well as we wait on the album release date.

Oleku (Vector Version)

1. The Truth (Intro) – (Produced by Vector)
2. Sha Ma Wa Lo – (Produced by Vybes Productions)
3. Get Down feat. Tuface Idibia – (Produced by H-Code)
4. Mary Jane Skit – (Produced by Culture)
5. Mary Jane – (Produced by Da Piano)
6. Kilode feat. Emmsong – (Produced by Samklef)
7. Di Mi Mu feat. Shogon – (Produced by Shogon)
8. I Luv You Nigeria – (Produced by Vector)
9. Denge Pose – (Produced by Samklef)
10. Downtown feat. Chuddy K – (Produced by Van Beats)
11. No Be Say feat. Emmsong – (Produced by Da Piano)
12. Freestyle Interview on SlyGriff Show – (Produced by Culture)
13. Legendary – (Produced by Vybes Productions)
14. Mary Jane REMIX feat. General Pype & Ade Piper – (Produced by H-Code)
15. The Movement feat. Sista Soul – (Produced by Da Piano)
16. Feel Me Pass feat. H-Code – (Produced by H-Code)
17. Warm & Close REMIX feat. Ade Piper – (Produced by J-Smith)
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30 responses to “Vector – Oleku (Vector Version) + Album Track Listing”

  1. aderemi says:

    hi vector u are the best after modenine yr rap is good u make the music sound good in my mind course is olaku ice prince did not follow the lyrics like u do i give it to it like u are the first person that sing it nicer one keep it on just like jaz y

  2. Olafemi says:

    not bad ….but i cant lie i wannna hear X.O senavoe on this track!!!!!! chai he will kill it…best rapper from naija hands down!!

    • dee seven says:

      4 ur church mind abi?this x.o guy u r toking about,i hope is as good as u r portraying him.4 ur info,u cant have it all when it comes to rap.4 e.g in 9ja rap industry,lyrics&punch line=mode 9,flow=m.i etc.for you to be that good,your X.O must quality traits in these aspects.if he is that good,let notjustok know about him or you give us a link to listen to him bcos am residing far away from where the action is i.e lasgidi,p town etc

  3. JOSEPH says:


  4. JOSEPH says:


  5. tunbi says:

    how do i purchase this cd…paid fro it already but i realised its not gonna be shiped how do i download it after purchasing it…..!!pls

    • feshelu says:

      if u have indeed paid for it, you should get an email from and in that email there's a download link; you should also get an email from paypal confirming payment…check your spam folder if said email from notjustok isn't in your inbox 😀

  6. sane says:

    CHORUS: Oleku tell this tortoise say i no be fool!!! mi o go go go go go i shine ma tool. mi o se sisi to tiju oleju ma jeju i hope you hear this warning OLEKU…………KILLING THEZE BOYZ U KILLIN U KILLIN DIZ BOYZ YEAH!!!! V-E-C chop up if they hatin its cos theyre not relatin pop somethin and keep this bitches waitin..ONLY GOD NO SAY YOUR HEAD DEY THERE!!!!

    • terific smalls says:

      if u aient knw notin abt music or rap shut d fuck up vector is better dan d chock boys dummy dat is d reason he is bein vector disrespect dummy.

  7. knote says:

    ..nice one..

  8. L.N.T says:

    dont worry soon u will see this guy is himself i love this version and that yung6 dude as well, naija is going places, soon them youngmoney will be hearing
    our songs like we hear theirs…Tallest..a..k.a…Lastnight

  9. THa truth says:

    ok truth be told no disrespect but this guy they fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what kind of weak ass version is this?????? Vector please focus on ur lyrics NOT on Jay Z's Dick! this was just a waste of my units…………….. Real rappers will soon emerge although we already have some (M.I. Sauce 'tha boss' kid, Beazy, Ghetto P) till next year we will see dude worthy of air play but this dude isn't…… THa truth.

  10. Swagskid says:

    Fuck d world swagskid .com pls login d much anticipated rapper with lyrically far fetch rhymes internationally reloaded swags call line 08089469696

  11. Mr Furka says:

    Without BRYMO and Jesse Jagz…There will be No Oleku…..Period.
    Am feeling Give It To By Mo Hits……..My Top 5
    1. Give It To Me …… Mo' Hits
    2. Oleku …………….. Choc City
    3. Dey Dere………….Haykm
    4. Magician ……….. M.I
    5. Nobody ………….Tuface ft. M.I
    If yuh got issues with this…..take a chill water and swallow this GRENADE!!!

  12. PARIS says:

    i swear vector the viper like they say u murderd the sond to meh its EOD!#gbam any DC is a counterfeit… vector d viper u ghet venom===============>UR MOUTHED :)D

  13. adakolegend says:

    V.E.C kip it up my gai, no mind thos guy gaiz wey d level critism, na bcos say dem borow transistor radio wey em speaka burst take hear ur swag…

  14. val says:

    the truth is that vector is an up coming artist and has a bright future if only he respects his elders in d game, vec never murdered the song, that of ice prince is still far far better

  15. val says:

    u try vec, but ice is better

  16. vector u too much……u be my mentor…..all oda rappers dem b bullshit.

  17. vector u too much……u be my mentor…..all oda rappers dem b bullshit.

  18. V E C……….pype………..

  19. V E C……….pype………..

  20. das a nice wrk v.e.c.

  21. das a nice wrk v.e.c.

  22. iyiz says:

    u r a player hater dawg

  23. jydust says:

    na u be this??

  24. terific smalls says:

    go listen 2 pasuma or obesere u knw nutin abt rap music

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