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Iceberg Slim ft Drake – Take Over (Unofficial Remix)

Post by Ovie O, March 25th, 2010

Public Service Announcement:

Rapper Iceberg Slim is NOW officially signed to the money-spinning Yes Records! and he was given a BMW X5 for good measure. 🙂

“Slim” is currently in yankee for the next few weeks but he’ll be heading back to Nigeria soon to continue working on his album. He’s held down a host of shows back home, and promises to drop banging singles in the coming weeks/months. This joint right here is him having fun in the studio while rapping over Drake’s “Over” track.

Now that Iceberg Slim is sitting on a “money machine”, do you see him making a lasting impact? Rapheads, listen and hit your boy up with yo comments.


Slim of Spades

Iceberg Slim ft Drake – Take Over (Unmastered)

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6 responses to “Iceberg Slim ft Drake – Take Over (Unofficial Remix)”

  1. Def H says:

    Wahk whakz..icebergz gud min hiz a cul fela buhruhh..gutaa giv 2mo mehn M.i..min dat dudez lyrical smakn it..lyk DATS IT.n mody 9ny hi b kipn hiz ril hiphop head up.buh nywyz icy kip doin watchu do son.n ny naija pip dat aint down wit dis dudz dey al bootlickaz n dey fit go smoke on top transformer cuz 4me dey’ont no wat d dil izz.

  2. Def H says:

    N by d way ”ell pollo” hu d fuk told u dat m.i z a jiguh wana b huh..buh yal no nobady cn b as dope as jiguh.buh m.iz u hater wanuhbe hw bat u go practise self sex n go fuck urself.huh

  3. Ajasco says:

    Im beginning to suspect its the same people changing names on here to dis Iceberg. In every comment its the same names being brought up, vector, lucci, and beazy etc. those guys good but dere not recognized on the grand scheme of things. With icebverg not even being in Naija, he managed to accomplish what they havent, songs with eldee, sauce baba, banky, and now da grin. nothin do dis guy, this song goes hard!!

  4. Amerikan Gangzta says:

    ICEBERG!! I see you my G. Like that Ace of Spades bottle in ya hand, that's what's popping. Bet none of ya dudes can even afford that, let alone know what that shit is. That Gold bottle shows you getting it my G. Stay up. 1

  5. shaq says:

    @ stenoz watchu knw about accents? where else have u bin 2 aparts 4rm naija? dis dude was born n brought up in new york so next tym when u don't knw shit don't try 2 say stuffs u dnt knw…guys like u r negative . ALWAYS ENVY…as if its a big thing 2 have an american accent..please travel n see…tanx..lets promaote nigerian hip hop…at least he n sauce kid came home..not d rest dat r here fooling them selves..we still got some here in d u.k dat have made it..(jjc, tinie tempah) n in d states (protto of chiddy bang)..not cats like wale who dnt even knw where they r 4rm…peace…

  6. first of all, @kunlejacks these labels were made before 50, drake or 2baba came…. if 50 did anything to shady, he reduced the hadcore quality shady waz putting out… shady made 50 and not the other… same goes for the oda artistes u mentioned. peace

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