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Blak Twang – Champagne (Silverstone Remix)

Post by Ovie O, January 24th, 2010

Blak Twang, real name Tony Olabode, is a UK-based rapper who has done very well in the UK hiphop scene. He’s turned his attention to the Naija music market, hoping to attain the same level of success as he’s done in England. Mola posted one of his videos titled “So Hard” sometime in 2008.

For the records, Blak Twang has won the MOBO and Kora Awards, and he’s also picked up a “Best International Act” nomination from US-based The Source Magazine. Blak Twang is also currently under illbliss’ Goretti Company management in Nigeria.

To the song itself, Champagne (Silverstone remix) is definitely a song that will give him some attention and airplay. Enjoy!


Blak Twang

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3 responses to “Blak Twang – Champagne (Silverstone Remix)”

  1. […] new video from MOBO Award winner, Blak Twang. As stated earlier when the audio version of this song was posted, he’s been quite successful in the UK hiphop scene. He’s now setting his sights on […]

  2. Not soon enough. Please Channel 4 let this be the last time.

  3. adeagbo dare says:

    dare you make us proud man big up tis is the bigning of good jamie, like that of 2baba

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