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WizKid (notjustOk Hype)

Post by Demola OG, December 28th, 2009

notjustOk hype will feature (or may be not) the future heavy hitters
in naija music. Any material featured in this category will be from
unsigned or up & coming Nigerian/African, artists/rappers/producer/record label that
contain nothing but promising content. There will only be a post a
month in this category.

If you have or know of anyone’s music that you feel is a hit or any good, please send an email to the official notjustOk email with a link to their page or where I can download the song.

WizKid (notjustOk Hype)

WizKid (notjustOk Hype)

As far as you can remember when did you start singing and how did you know you had the gift?

It all started at church when I was 11… I didn’t join the choir because I wasn’t too confident of my voice so I was just playing around with rap, but after I turned 14, I tried experimenting something new so I did a song and I actually sang and then discovered that was what I was good at. So I just stuck to it and tried developing more skills.

Wizkid1How and when did you get to that point where you knew you wanted to pursue this as a career?

I can’t say I decided to pursue it as a career at a particular age. All I know is, when I started recording and performing I wanted to do it for life!

What was happening around the period you got on M.I’s fast money fast cars and how did you land the feature?

I went to drop off stuff at M.I’s place on a Sunday morning and he just played the beat and said “Wiz can u do something to this?” And I just started humming “if u don’t talk money omo don’t show up” and he said add a little bit off yoruba in there and “tobalowo” just came, in like 10 minutes I was done recording and that was it. After this song was released on MI’s Talk About It album, let’s just say, a lot of good things happened.

You are now signed to EME, how did that happen?

I went for a gig with M.I and Kel. Banky also performed at that show and then he invited us to his crib for lunch. We got there and for like an hour Banky didn’t know I was Wizkid. When he heard someone call my name he was shocked and just started talking to my manager Osagie about working with me. He had heard some of my songs and had wanted to meet me. From that day, Banky was willing to support me, help me develop my talent and career. He believes in me to date and sees great potential. So thats how it all started and am loving it here.

YouTube Preview Image

What new singles can we expect and where is Wizkid headed? What kind of mark are you trying to make in the music industry?

Wizkid is headed for the top… Aint no stopping me!… I’m here to change the industry for good. Wizkid is going to be a brand name in a few months. Everybody will want to associate with the brand WIZKID!!.. My singles will drop real soon… So my work will definitely speak for me!

WORLD PREMIERE – Hola at Your Boy (Unmixed)

I see you have been touring a lot lately. What has the experience been like? What do you prefer performing live or recording?

Loving it man…though its stressful and I don’t get to see my family on a regular, but they are cool with it. After all, the prayer has always been things falling in place for me for good so its cool. The experience is crazy though, fun as usual and I get to visit different cities and states that I always wanted to visit so its cool, really cool. I love performing with the live band, though I don’t get to do that all the time but the live band has always been my thing.

Nice, so what city is your favorite so far?

Mehn, I love all the cities for different reasons..I can’t even pick o..thats really hard ’cause Nigeria is a beautiful place and the more you travel the more you discover good things about your country so I just love Naija mehn. Lol!!

I can imagine. You did justice to the singles on Banky W’s album, how was the experience working with him and what have you learned from Banky music wise that has helped you?Banky_Wizkid

It was really cool working with Banky and still working with him… Every time I work with a different artiste it’s always a different experience and I tend to learn something different so working with Banky was a W experience.. lol… I had fun in the studio from the first day we did ‘Omoge you too much‘ and ‘Tanker‘ was just something we just decided to play with… We didn’t even know it was going to come out like that..but I’ve learnt how to stay dedicated to my work and be a better artiste so its really cool.

So how would you define your music? Can it fit into a genre?

I’ve always had problems defining my kind of music, because on different records I do different things. I just work with the sound basically; I guess thats why am the WIZKID… lol… but let’s just say I make music. Anything that sounds good.

(Laugh) How did you even coin the name Wizkid?

The name WIZKID came about at an armed robbery scene in my house but I wouldn’t wanna go into details because it wasn’t a good experience..However, my sisters and cousins teased me with the name for a while and it just stuck!

Wow that’s funny now, but I’m sure it was not funny then. So is there an album in the works and does it have a name yet?

Started working on my album already but don’t have a name for it yet, but I am dropping singles real soon and it premieres on NotjustOk..hehe!

Lol! What are they called?
Holla @ ur BoY and GIDI GIRL..

WORLD PREMIERE – Gidi Girl (Unmixed)

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123 responses to “WizKid (notjustOk Hype)”

  1. jtown rep says:

    no need for fronting fronting girl…lemme tell u somting somting girl…no need for long ting…WIZKID is the future…love the lyrics to both joints…very OK!

  2. concernedfamilymembe says:

    Wizkid is the future of naija music… he writes well, sings well & performs well… What more can we ask for

  3. yemi okanlawon says:

    this guy is a sean kingston immitation…nigerian musicians nowadays lack oreiginality…shame

  4. J-hotness says:

    Sick tracks even though unmixed… btw *SOUL-JA* the bbpin is a cool tune.. big ups!

  5. dopeboy says:

    soul ja dude dat song was crazy…Seriously d song was dope i already have d song on ma ipod…As 4 Notjustok "this site is supposed to feature artists that are upcoming"…..Mehn dont blive everything u see on d internet………adios.

  6. elle says:

    wtf!!!how can u say he lacks originality?…..he's gud mehn!!

    n cute 2…haaha!!

  7. henry da Chocboy says:

    I'm loving this.. Heavy tunes! Yo Mola who produced the tracks?

  8. Don Producer says:

    from the begining of the song if u listen to it it's sounds foreign and familiar wiz or no wiz,good vocal,lyrics,the song is okay,the producer is 100..but i dont buy the idea and the concept.sing,rap,ragga,yeah he's d wizkid give us ur best in ur major style ..,the bridge of the track sounds familiar too much from foreign stuff

  9. baddestgee says:

    this bb pin song makes sense sha…. but bro u dont send a song today and expect dem to upload it same day….how long have u sent it and have u sent a reminder,flood their inbox mybe they will play it and upload it…

  10. Diaspora Dude says:

    this is spam. notjustok ppl take this shit off. you want notjustok folks to put up your stuff then send it to them the right way. if you are an upcoming artist and your shit is WACK why should they post it hear??? get youir act together, do a mix tape, do some shows, put out some quality music…give it to DJ's….up and coming artists are lazy as fuck!!!! you think notjustok will make you a star???

  11. Music Soul-Ja says:

    Dog, i sent it to them over a month ago now…..

    I dont spam people and i gave them a lot of time to respond.

    I sent a very formal mail with a pic and all that so there you go.

    Atleast i'm getting good feedback about the song @ Diaspora Dude

    No be fight…. hehehehehe

  12. Music Soul-Ja says:

    Thanks @ J-hotness…..

    He has more tracks and i'm trying all i can to get feedback from people as per the guy (Mistuuur Montana).

    He's in Naija now trying to shoot a video and stuff…..

    Thanks again.

  13. Music Soul-Ja says:

    Hi, y are you cursing @ Diaspora Dude? from you name you suppose get more exposure, haba….

    You should ask questions before making accusations. Thank God say you no be God.

    He has a mix tape and is trying to get his stuff together (isnt that the reason y upcoming artists are featured here?)

    If you no like am at least give others a chance top jugde….

  14. Music Soul-Ja says:

    Thanks for the comment @ baddestgee.

    I sent the song to them over a month ago….

    almost 2 months now and even a pic and a brief profile of the guy.

    I didnt even get a reply to say they dont like the song.

    at least they should say that.

    I actually sent them a mail asking if i could send a song to them and they replied appropriately, if they didnt reply in the first place, i wouldnt have bothered.

    Look out for Mistuuur Montana, na small remain. lol!!!!

    Thanks again.

  15. Music Soul-Ja says:

    Thanks for taking the time to listen and enjoy it @ Dopeboy.

    He has another track called "Nogere" amongst a few others. Na that one i like pass.

    Lets hope he makes it so he can add something different to Naija music industry….

    Thanks again, keep banging the track man….

  16. Mola OG says:

    Yemi and Koyce I deleted your comments for obvious reasons…

  17. le'mmon says:

    recording isnt an easy process..been in the studio with whizkid and know the stress…good from cash – in family

  18. ABDULLAHI says:

    wizkid is thrash , i sent him a mail trying to invite him for a paid show in kaduna and abuja he didnt reply me, i hate heady artists especially this young fools who should have humility and respect for people.

    how old is this immatured small idiot sef.

    call it hating or whatever nonsense u like ..

    thats what u bring to urself when u disrespect and ignore people wizkid is a rubbish copycat. and he will fail if he doesnt respond to peoples mails especially fans, well wishers and show promoters like me. quote me! and mark my words. if u keep ignoring ur fans u will fail woefully .keep copying sean kingston fake artist

  19. Mola OG says:

    Abdullahi, what email address did you send your show request to? Wizkid is an artist and such requests should go to his management, I will make them aware and have them holler back at ya

  20. observer says:

    lol!!! Mola OG nor school these jokers, them nor know say them gats go through management!!! Naija pepu una dey baffle pesin sef!

  21. tosinadeda says:

    "wizkid is thrash , i sent him a mail trying to invite him for a paid show in kaduna and abuja he didnt reply me, i hate heady artists especially this young fools who should have humility and respect for people.

    how old is this immatured small idiot sef.

    call it hating or whatever nonsense u like ..

    thats what u bring to urself when u disrespect and ignore people wizkid is a rubbish copycat. and he will fail if he doesnt respond to peoples mails especially fans, well wishers and show promoters like me. quote me! and mark my words. if u keep ignoring ur fans u will fail woefully .keep copying sean kingston fake artist"

    lmfao, u know i didnt even see this comment!!!

    lol ure a joke i swear, yet u dey find respect???

    see all the words u used on him, cos he didnt come to ur show.

    no be say him collect money no come turn up o, who knows if u even have the right contacts sef!!!

    last words

    bad mouthing sum1 on the net for ignoring u, only makes u look stupid

  22. alli says:

    @ABDULLAHI may ur family members cry ova u in 2010 for wishing dis boi bad luck..u shall die of envy nd will neva prosper in all u do…wizkid is d truth period!..u dis good for notin fool..if u put one more bad tin abt dis boi ehn!…ur mother will die first tin in d morn..may u neva come across anytin good in 2010!..

  23. ABDULLAHI says:


    same goes to ur parents and ur unborn generations. u shall be imprisoned and never be set free. amin

  24. ABDULLAHI says:

    @alli, may ur family members cry ova u in 2010 for putting ur mouth in what u dont know.if u put one more bad tin abt dis boi ehn!…ur mother , ur kids and your wife will die first tin in d morn..may u neva come across anytin good in 2010!.. and same goes to your father . ur family shall be wiped off.

  25. Mola OG says:

    @ ABDULLAHI and Alli this is getting out of hand.. Quit the curses; we are about to enter 2010 all we need is blessings… No more curses!!!

  26. dopeboy says:

    ahhhhhhhhh!!!!Chairmen u guyz should take it easy with d curses abeg dey are 2 heavy and bitter 2 swallow abeg o.Abdullahi d guy must have hurt u really bad but not withstanding take it easy o..Life is 2 short.

  27. ABDULLAHI says:

    @dopeboy , you are right , in the spirit of the 2010 new year , i cancel all my curses and return to senders all bad curses on me , wizikid will be successful , but he must never disrespect adults. i dont want to destroy his image so i am requesting that mola deletes all insultive posts on this thread including mine.

    sorry for all but i just had to let out my anger. mola delete all insultive comments/posts

  28. Mr. MoNeY GooD says:

    @Abdulahhi, c wetin u don cause for yaself, even if u were pissd at him which he probably didnt notice, u shldnt have bursted dat way. N:B no matta how much u h8 d Kid, ppl , still a ppreci8 him.

  29. Lohres locs says:

    want to see… Naeto C ft wizkid……..shud be a mad combo

  30. Lohres locs says:

    damn this sad cursing dude …… ur brain slow….or ur tut process on an ever declining rate…..wat in God`s name is your problem…the kid never harmed u….u are seriously not a naija dude…fake ass/bum dude……hope u don`t die soon…jeez…if the comment page is too sensitive for u,then take ya old self and head the f**k out

  31. Bustaino! says:

    Wizkid z just a madt dude, his skills, songs, style nd stuffs r ill.i'm an artiste as well nd we r fwiends…he's good, he's good! So all y'all haters backout, k?!

  32. Bustaino! says:

    "Wiz da Kid" z d real ish!!!

  33. henry da Chocboy says:

    Knite house those boys are maaaaad! I missed the voiceover at the beginning. Wizkid is heavily connected sha; knite house crew, banky etc. He is in good hands. Good job to the producers cos its international standard

  34. BZ says:

    Holla at your boy is hot and I hope a good video is shot for it. I advocate some Elvis style dance moves which can compete with Alanta especially for the chorus in some circles. I hope a visionary director works on this song.

  35. lazarous09 says:

    the dude is on point and i'm happy too see everybody had sumthin positive to say about the dude, keep it up bro, like ur style.

  36. Number4 says:

    So he was the guy on M.I's fast money fast cars? Nice…That's one of my many favs off M.I's album…

    Looking forward to hearing more of what wizkid has too offer.

  37. Number4 says:

    Hmmm….I like gidi girl!!

  38. J blings says:

    big up bro…dis is someone that loves wat u're doing…If u need a dancer,you can call on me anytime andi will be there…

  39. Joe Doesit Better says:

    Holla @ ur Boi 🙂 Tight Dude…thumbs Up Widkid! dem no va c anything! It's ur tym MAN SWAG ON!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Pryse says:

    I'd love to work with him

  41. […] new freestyle from notjustOk Hype, Wizkid! Dude is quickly carving out a reputation for himself in the industry, and he flaunts his […]

  42. Dammie says:

    Wizkid.. You are the best……

  43. The Truth says:

    The Fake ass dude, stole the lyrics on the Holla @ ur boi track from a dude called Se7en (d track is called Girls) crap song …….. Aint one to blow d whistle but I must say after doing so well on his old tracks, he friggin cuts back on dis one. if it was a voice over that would be cool but sadly its actually a verse in his song, d guy needs to be sued! We cant be endorsing such crap exports…..WIZ Child sucks!!! end of story

  44. The Truth says: listen to this track and lets see how u feel about this so called WIZ KiD

  45. ekezie francis says:

    Wizkid, u just got it all, pls be off shadowed, you are an artiste, you need to well known for your unborn talent.

  46. jboy says:

    wizkid you are maouthed this lyrics is too gbaski

  47. HOJAY SUNNY says:

    wizkid no mind anybody keep doing what you like doing i love what u do
    just do it the way it comes…………………

  48. Teresa says:

    This is serious ohhhhhhhhh.The truth is dat no matter how good u are, people will always talk.If u r bad, they will still talk.So, if any1 shud worry abt wat pple say, u wunt move forward in life.So whether wizkid is good or not, he is earning his money and u guys r earning nothing for liking or hating him. If some people have sense, they will think of better things to do with their lives instead of poking their nose where it doesnt belong…………I like Wizkid and i dont care whether he is copying any1 or not.If u dnt like him, go and hug the transformer.Period!

  49. nosaosalenlen says:

    boy you are trying keep it up it,s your tallent

  50. saviour says:

    big ups 2 wizzzzzzzzz…..kid

  51. bad guyz... says:

    wizkid fresh guy mehn i’m rili feelin yhu nice song fck all dose haters..

  52. somto obi says:

    c u guys shld stop soporting evil wizkid is a rude fool at his age he has already started smoking drinking and d rest wat d hell is his mother doing about it

  53. Ballack says:

    Wizzy Kid you just too hurt…….will like to work with you am good in raping and we look alike i think we can work out somthing..hehe Email me nigger we gat a lot to dicusee (

  54. SLEEK says:

    One of the most accurate "notjustok hype" edition! Thsi one definitely made it to the top! Nice prediction Mola!

  55. ganiyu says:

    guy u make me proud wen i see a comandor wizkid luv u big up to al my comand children skool stu boys nd girls

  56. kelz says:

    Can someone pls watch this video and point out the differences btw the track and holla at your boy

  57. michael says:

    damn! no comment….the music even blow in gh……..wizkid… u hv a partner representing u in gh…..dats me…..

  58. AREOLA TOBI says:

    you are the best there is keep it up dude listen to no haters

  59. swift d don says:

    wizzy u’ve got potentials,ur songz drive’s me crazy.keep it up.

  60. Seun says:

    Hello It's yah Boy Wizkid!!!!
    How you dey Cman mii!!!!

  61. Jplus says:

    Men wizkid u are the bomb. Guy u are making something out in the industry keep it up. Wizkid can i join u i can sing and rap. And also a break dancer. My number is 08130558163 i need ur number thanks wizkid

  62. jumi says:

    hmn wizkid jt keep it up cos niaja is waiting for u to get there i see u as somebody that is already favour by GOD all u ned is confident, determination and prayers to overcome delay in your also a good singer and a good dancer but dis confident is not there and my destiney is not taking me i always feel happy seeing upcomping people build with confident.

  63. marcelina says:

    wizkid is d bomb,he's good

  64. Yhemmie Wizzy Harkinbo says:

    hey wizkid u're da bomb……….
    4rm yhemmie wizzy

  65. michael says:

    9ice one wizkid u're d real naija super star…

  66. Jennixx says:

    Wizkid is simply 2much

  67. Icekid says:

    Wizkid i don mad 4 u.pls help ure my mentor nd i’m workin wit ur boy me icekid’s my num 08189679541 pls giv me urs.

  68. @ret says:


  69. Milli says:

    Weezy, the music limelight goes lyk a wheel. It’s currently at yuhs, mate. Make the most of it. Y’all should watch out for MILLY aka Young Mula.

  70. dalynzo says:

    feeling ya stuff dude….DALYNZO hit the air ways soon……..

  71. chopmoney coming up…….nice one wizzy

  72. Cynthia says:

    Wizkid i love your perfomance

  73. mr wizz *aka pakurumo*l dey feel ur musiq hw can l meet u ok dis my number 08135501498 or meet me on on luv

  74. AJIBOLA says:

    nice one wizkid keep it up God we put u more then u blive and me 2 A.K.A JIBLOW

  75. dis is lovely, i believe we are created with a social and homologous gift and talent . the only tyn i believe to realize that is to ramain whom u ar, do wat u believe u can do don't emulate others

  76. dell akku says:

    WIZKID yeah dats just it keep it up nigger, you have no problem and im sure you ganna succed

  77. Sexsyb says:

    U re a great artist mehn,i lv yur swag keep it up.

  78. wizkid just keep it up and almighty God wil continued be bless u in all ur way, i like u die! beside don't 4get to be worship ur Allah very well.

  79. wizkid, let mi tel u'r creatd 4rm God image, he creatd u specially. Tak it or liv it

  80. exxkay says:

    wizkid or let me say ayodeji ibrahin balogun hehe mehn i dey feel your suwagg i think u re d dbang of eme bois banky is don baba j so wizkid we olll love u in kano so keep on doing wat u re doing is cool

  81. utibe says:

    menn:i love ur music,i will love to sing with u.

  82. zabdorena says:

    weezy.i nd ma 2 sis luv u bdly.weve gt a lotta ur hits on our fone nd in our head.ur ma no1.we wil neva let u dwn.were hia 4 u .we luv u.

  83. i love ur voice and i pray dat may God help u and be wit u through ur life and ur music.wizkid we need u more and keep it up thanks.

  84. zabdorena says:

    wiz kid i really love ur music could u pls b on face buk with mi

  85. zabdorena says:

    d way u dey fil na d wai i dey fil ur swagga .da guy i go marry u ,too bad i be guy, wiz u are sexy for girls,men guy i love u

  86. tunechi says:

    wizy i swear 2 God u de niga mehn, lol u are great u are a superstar wishing 2 sing wit u in the near future.I luv your swag wizy.

  87. LIFE FLeXy says:

    Wizkid, an infact u’re great star dat is odained by god, almost all ur track i cherished it. One luv ahead…

  88. Kim says:

    Help me!!!, my cousin is so upsest about you!!!

  89. Mummydollar says:

    Guy i luv u lik crazy mi wnt 2 b ur wizgirl…….lolzz…..hope 2 c u 1 day…

  90. Vivian says:

    Hi wizkid,my name is vivian am only sixteen nd am a fatherless gal,i tink i have d same talent as u do bt i don’t have anybody to support me pls wizkid i luv ur songs especially “i luv my baby” pls help me tanx nd God bless

  91. spunkyu says:

    Wizzy wizzy wizkid lol mehn u are nt yet dia ,more pressure guy…go world wide,spunky is comin soon jus dat ma parents are stunch catholics so dey didnt by d idea bt as it stands weda dem lyk am or not spunky go blow.winks. Wait for me cus i must sing with u.rememba u nid to acelerate more go wold wide.

  92. Peace Ikot says:

    wizzy I love ya songs dere r sooo kool add mi up on cell num 0810 150 8197.

  93. Peace Ikot says:

    wizzy I love ya songs dere r sooo kool add mi up on cell num 0810 150 8197.

  94. I de feel u jooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  95. I de feel u jooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  96. We they feel your swag for GH.

  97. We they feel your swag for GH.

  98. K@ycee Jabari says:

    I lv ur rmx wif Akon

  99. U ve a wonderful tin goin on, cheers!

  100. U ve a wonderful tin goin on, cheers!

  101. guy u got all what it takes to b a legend……keep it up.

  102. guy u got all what it takes to b a legend……keep it up.

  103. Wilsar says:

    I got a crush on u ya Wizzy wizzy Wizkid..wen are u coming to South Africa.ur voice just make go crazie..I no go take u for fool boy boy, cool track wit bracket.holla at ur gal

  104. olalakanlakon says:

    u are a change 2 music industry

  105. Guy I just dey feel u.u too mush keep it up.

  106. Guy I just dey feel u.u too mush keep it up.

  107. Ayo says:

    WIZ= wind, "KID". in sentence wind blowing a kid to his rightful place. eg "LEGEND"

  108. YoungG says:

    wizkid a my friend.. we still keeping it real..1love bro

  109. YoungG says:

    Wizkid is my friend.. we still keeping it real tho.. 1luv bro..

  110. nuel says:

    wizkid u av got ur help 4rm god so av 2 me too 08104676361 is my num

  111. Mank says:

    wizkid i love all ur songs, i'll like us to meet coz i have lot to show u!!! i dey feel ur swag Halla me +22555571222.

  112. Mank says:

    GOD has blessed u, u need to bless others, dats how it goes!!!

  113. ayomiku says:

    wizzy u are blessed

  114. You are one blessed guy, Wizzy!

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