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Interview: Nneka on BBC + Heartbeat

Post by Ovie O, December 23rd, 2009

If there’s any major artiste we slept on right here on in 2009, it has to be Nneka! (well, most people slept on her anyway). She’s been doing quite well in Europe but never really got a head start in Africa… till her MOBO Award win, followed closely by a Channel O nod. Today, this Waffi babe (born and bred) has broken every barrier when it comes to African music, and she’s started hitting the US hard with a tour billed to start soon. A possible Grammy candidate, if you ask me.

She recently gave a candid interview to Bola Mosuro of BBC Network Africa about how her career has blossomed since her MOBO win. You can watch the interview below.

Credits to BBC Africa.


YouTube Preview Image

Here’s Heartbeat, her breakout single…

YouTube Preview Image

…and then be prepared to be blown away by her performance of the song “Come With Me.”

YouTube Preview Image

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One response to “Interview: Nneka on BBC + Heartbeat”

  1. Perebokalakebari says:

    Why do people always spoil a good thing with tribalism. As a half Igbo /half Delta man it is sicking to see how Igbos are to quick to resort to abuse. Nneka claims Warri because that is what influenced her to be who she is. Warri and Niger Delta tend to be full of eccentric people it is just how we are. We tend to be non conformist, hence we are often mis-understood by many Nigerians. We are also an amalgamation of many different tribal groups perhaps this is what makes us unique and very mis-understood. Even a Hausa man born and bred in Warri would claim Warri, as one said it is a state of mind. If Nneka was brought up in Igbo or Yoruba land she would probably be too pretentious or materialistic to present the way she does. Why she is so liked and refreshing is because her style is true Warri or should I say Deltan style, the courage to be different, its a Niger Delta trait. I have heard it so often, Niger Delta people are crazy etc, we have a bohemian kind of culture that is inclusive, so an Igbo brought up in this area can claim us and be accepted and that goes for almost any tribe. If she says she is a Warri girl. I think she knows more than anyone else. PS having an Igbo name does not always tell the whole story, some groups are even Igbo speaking but are not Igbos. In the olden days some Delta groups kept there own language for themselves. An influx of a large number of foreigners had an impact on the lingua franca as the foreigners were never taught the language so were left speaking their own language. In order to communicate indigenes learnt a little bit of their language, what developed was a new dialect of the foreigners language spoken by all. This does not make all foreigners, obviously mixing took place and similar names were used by both groups. In some cases English nick names stuck these also helped hide foreign origins as both groups used these nick names for trade with Europeans, I guess especially Ijaw names, were just too long and complex for Europeans,so we gave nick names just for trade purposes, our traditional names were used amongst our own. So this is Niger Delta, it is about time Nigeria, especially our Igbo neighbors learn to understand us. As someone with Igbo blood I also want to ask my Igbo brothers to stop the silly Igbo ethnocentric mentality, it is partly the cause of Biafra's failure and it makes Igbos look untrustworthy in the eyes of her neighbors. Na true talk be this Ooo love all my Naija peoples.

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