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Proto ft Black Thought & eLDee – Slow Down + Kids

Post by Demola OG, November 24th, 2009

After M.I made the statement yesterday about Proto being the best Nigerian rapper in Yankee on the Vector post, (Click here to read the whole comment) I had to dig this track out of my inbox and do some additional research on Proto. The last time I checked on Proto, he was a solo artist trying to come up. Apparently, things have changed since the ‘Big Boy‘ remix, his skill level has increased faster than I thought was humanly possible in one year.

Proto whose real name is Chidera Anamege,  is also part of a group called ChiddyBang made up of him and Bang who I think is the producer. Please listen and let me know if you concur in Mr Abaga’s statement.

If you ask me, Proto definitely has what it takes to be a BIG artist in the states as well.



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One response to “Proto ft Black Thought & eLDee – Slow Down + Kids”

  1. kunle says:

    Men….. I concur o. this guy's thight

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