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DelCity – Carry Turkey (Exclusive)

Post by Demola OG, November 9th, 2009

DelCity, one of my favorite new rappers is back on a So-Sick beat… I happen to think this track is sick (no pun intended), the beat is heavy and the lyrics are rich with street slang from Lagos and their Layman/Square translation. So all you ‘Butter‘ folks, listen well o this may help you out if you find yourself in the streets of Onigbongbo, Obalende or Oshodi. No Dullin!

DelCity has the potential, but one thing I think he needs to continue to work on is his flow. Once he gets that down packed, it’s game over!!!


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One response to “DelCity – Carry Turkey (Exclusive)”

  1. henry says:

    off da hizzie na nizzle! we r unstoppable! u know na!

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