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Interview with Dr Frabz + Exclusive Music

Post by Demola OG, September 23rd, 2009

frabz2Dr Frabz how did you get into the production game? Who was the first artiste you produced for?

I got into music production officially in 2003 and the first artist I produced for was K-Switch, it was a track that also featured F-shaw, Enlarge and myself.

Are you solely a producer or do you have a label with acts on them? If so who are the atistes on the label?

I’m a producer but I do have an entertainment outfit (N’sayne entertainment) that has a record label. I am an artist under the label and we also have Jimmy Flames who is as well an artist under the label too.

How do you produce? What is your ritual do you make beats specifically for people and do you make the beat first or lace the instrumentals first?

Really I don’t have any ritual when it comes to my production, most of the time the artiste is my inspiration. When it comes to if I make beats first or instrumental first the thing about me is that in such a case it depends solely on the artiste, if the artist has something in mind I work with him to bring out the best of it, or I create something on my own that will suit the artiste’s song.

Not to get into your business, but how do producers make money in Naija? Do you charge a one time fee or there are royalty arrangements?

Really there is no two way about it, producers in Nigeria make money like all the other workers,they work and get paid.In Nigeria our structure has not developed to the stage where royalties are mandatory yet. So every producer is entitled to his payment per track with exception to when the producer has a prior agreement with the artiste.

Without You ft Lambo Da Virus – Listen

What would you say are your top 5 songs you have produced thus far?

I don’t have a top 5 song, every song I  have produced thus far has the potential of being a hit song, but to mention a few are Weird Mc – Riranwo , Durella – Enu Ose, Shank – Too Late, YQ ft Dagrin – efimile, Chuddy-K – Slow Slow, the list is not exhaustive.

You recently released a song ft Naeto C called  ‘Cry for you’; should we be expecting a Dr Frabz album soon and when?frabz3

Original Version Cry For You

Yes “cry for You” has its original version and the remix is the one that featured Naeto C. My album should be dropping later next year, I will be releasing another single “Omo Ele Yen” feat Durella.

Speaking of Naeto C, you and he have worked on a few tracks together the last few months as mentioned before, ‘Cry for you’, Chocolata with Omawumi ft Naeto C and ‘Ako Mi Ti Poju’ by Naeto C? How did the sudden collaborations come about and can we say that you are producing the whole album?

What can I say good work attracts good people so I believe my work spoke for me. No I am not producing the whole album but I’m producing a good few.

Is there any truth to some people’s assumption that you borrowed the ‘Ako Mi Ti Poju’ hook you did for Naeto C from Nollege’s ‘Owo Mi Ti Poju’?

Whatever assumption anyone has can’t be true ’cause I haven’t heard “Owo Mi Ti Poju” and the only nollege’s song I have heard is the one I produced for him.

Omawumi ft Naeto C

Omawumi, how is that lady doing? I hear both of you are an item is there any truth to that? When should we be expecting her album?

Her album should be dropping before the end of the year.And we are very  good friends, I believe she is very talented and that will go a long way in the music industry.

Would you like to let people know what projects you are working on or add anything that we did not cover?

Right now I am working on shooting the video of “Cry for You” with Clarence Peters, I am also working on releasing a mixtape that will be called Dokta Frabz N’sayne entertainment presents the next generation. This will involve talented upcoming artistes who can’t afford the fee of a studio session, more info on this is on my group
page on facebook “Dokta Frabz’s  N’sayne entertainment”

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  1. adams says:

    dr frabz is one of the best producer i ever come across. he is damn talented

  2. jay cool says:

    pls how do i get to dr frabz studio

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