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Kel ft iLLBliss – Die Hustling

Post by Demola OG, August 20th, 2009

Kel’s album is out and available on every street corner and Big Treat outlet in Nigeria. You can see the track listing after listening to the song; it looks like a complete album to me; I see they kept most of the production in-house with Tha Suspect.

Here is a track from the album ft IboBoy iLLBliss; straight up hard rap track.


See Album Track Listing

  1. INTRO
  2. WAA WA ALRIGHT FT. SKIN produced by Tha Suspect
  3. NOBODY ELSE FT. SHANK produced by Tha Suspect
  4. TURN BY TURN FT. WIZKID & YQ produced by Tha Suspect
  5. BEAUTIFUL LIFE FT. AIQUE produced by Tha Suspect
  6. JEUN SOKE produced by Jesse Jagz
  7. TOO FINE FT. ALAYE & MAYD produced by Tee-Y Mix
  8. OMO YAPAYASKI FT. DURELLA produced by Tha Suspect
  10. NEED YOU IN MY LIFE FT. SIX & DAREY produced by Tha Suspect
  11. BOY MEETS GIRL FT. SLK produced by Tha Suspect
  12. LOVE FT. M.I. & OC produced by Tha Suspect
  14. DEM DON DEY MOVE FT. ILLBLISS, THA SUSPECT & UCHIE produced by Tha Suspect
  15. DIE HUSTLING FT. ILLBLISS produced by Tha Suspect
  16. PUSH FT. NYORE produced by Tha Suspect
  17. WAA WA ALRIGHT REMIX FT. ICEPRINCE produced by Tha Suspect
  18. SITTING ON TOP FT. WAJE & JESSE JAGZ produced by Jesse Jagz
  19. OUTRO
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