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Knighthouse (notjustok Hype)

Post by Demola OG, February 16th, 2009

notjustOk Hype will feature (or may be not) the future heavy hitters in naija music. Any material featured in this category will be from unsigned or up and coming Nigerian/African, artists/rappers/producer/record label that
contain nothing but promising content. There will only be a post a month in this category.

If you have or know of anyones music that you feel is a hit or any good, please send an email to notjustokmusic with a link to their page or where I can download the song. ***If you can email me the song, please be sure to zip it first before sending it as an attachment***

Knighthouse logo

Knighthouse has been making a lot of noise lately. However, many of us are not clear or sure what Knighthouse really is and who makes up the Knighthouse team.

Recently, they won a Future Award in Nigeria for “Team of the Year” and I thought it wise to not only HYPE, but expose Knighthouse to the curious minds on the internet… I recently had an email Interview with the Knighthouse team and they answered every question in full detail. You can tell that they are both passionate and focused. Enjoy the read.

What is KNIGHTHOUSE ENTERTAINMENT? A Record Label or Production Company? Please Elaborate.
A bit of both… Really, Knighthouse Creative is a Production company with its tentacles in a lot of other aspects of media, like music, broadcast animation, content and concept development for TV and radio.

What is the concept behind KNIGHTHOUSE STREET SCRIPTURES?
The Knighthouse Street scriptures is a series of compilation albums that celebrates the best of Nigerian music with song collaborations featuring the best of the rising stars and the best of the music underground. Each album will focus on a particular music genre. Vol. 1 in the series celebrates Nigerian hip-hop culture by bringing together the best ‘hip hoppers’ in this part of the world, from the household names like Sauce Kid and MI to the underground greats like Teeto. The album is a blend of musical flavors and styles that can be fused into the ever versatile hip-hop genre.

CEO and Mo Cheddah

CEO & Mo Cheddah
Who makes up KNIGHTHOUSE ENTERTAINMENT and How long have you guys been doing this?
Knighthouse is made up of 3 individuals: Lanre ‘Sabre’ Oladimeji, Rogba ‘CEO’ Arimoro and Temi ‘Othello’ Gomez. Knighthouse also has an extensive network of affiliates that it partners with on various media projects. We’ve been running Knighthouse  unofficially for 5 years and officially for 2 years… so you can say we’ve been in ‘the game’ for years!!!

In the span of about 5 months, I have heard Kel, M.I, Nyore,Sauce Kid, Othello and Teeto on songs by Knighthouse. First of all how have you guys been able to gather this much talent on different songs and secondly is there an album or Mixtape coming out soon?
How we managed to get all the stars on the tracks… >sigh!!<… what can I say… We’re Knighthouse now!!! But seriously I think most of the Nu Skool artists identify with the Knighthouse ideals and the vision of promoting Nigeria positively to the world through media and entertainment, and well… God has been good! There are a number of albums coming out of knighthouse in the first half of 2009… there’s the much anticipated Knighthouse Street Scriptures Vol. 1, Terry Da Rapman’s Knighthouse Presents Joe Spazm Mixtape and Mo Cheddah’s Album.

Does Knighthouse currently have any artists on the roster; if so please share their names and let the world know who they are and what we can expect from them?
Mo Cheddah is the only artiste on the Knighthouse Label. She is a Pop/Hip-hop artiste that redefines the term ‘style’ and ‘swagger’… Watch out for her!!!

Recently Knighthouse won a Future Award for ‘Team of the Year’. How did you guys manage to flog Mo’ Hits and what do you think the Future Awards saw in Knighthouse to want to nominate you?
Ahhh!!! We didn’t flog anybody o! The Future Awards saw the growth, dedication and potential in us and decided to encourage us. To win the award despite such heavy competition was… inspiring and exhilarating!!



Now, lets get down to your beats. I’m assuming that you guys make your own beats; who are some of your influences and what do you use to make your beats?
Yes, we make a lot of instrumentals in-house, we also have our knighthouse production team made up of the most gifted of producers… most notably Yinka ‘Roguewave’ Adu… but we also work with quite a number of other producers, for example on the scriptures album we worked with ex-o, Teckzilla, xy, Dr frabs, Mikworx and a host of other top rated producers. But there’s always a knighthouse touch on every instrumental or production that comes out… that unique blend of pop, funk, rock and other influences in there somewhere.
We use whatever works for the song… if we have to knock 2 coke bottles together to get the sound we want, then we do it.
We use lots of different production software and hardware ranging from cubase, protools, reason, fruity loops, acid… anything we can get our paws on. We believe (unlike most) that software and hardware must work for the music, not the other way round. so if hitting 2 pans together will achieve the sound we want… The $900 sampletank stays in the cupboard!!

Mo Cheddah

Ok I know Aye-Sha sang the hook to  “Hate” but who sang the hook ‘Won Beri, Ton Ba Ri Mi wan Beri’ 

on “Da Finest” and when should we expect the video for ‘Da Finest’ ft OluwaSaucekid Baba and Teeto?

The name of the artist that sang the hook on Da Finest is Knighthouse’s best kept secret: Mo Chedddah. The video for the finest has been shot (by legendary video director, CAPital’s Clarence Peters) and will be out very soon… watch this space.

Da Finest (Mastered Version)



Anything else you would like to let the people know?
We want to thank everyone that has been there for us; for all the love and support (and even hate) we have been blessed with over the past couple of months… we appreciate it all. As we say in Knighthouse: Dream big, don’t be afraid to take risks… and above all BELIEVE!!!–
Regards, the knighthouse team.

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  1. […] I recall when I started hearing the word ‘Knighthouse‘ on tracks back in 2008  and I wondered who or what is Knighthouse. The curiosity grew even more when I heard ‘Purple‘ and ‘The Finest‘, so we decided to track them down and presented them to the notjustok audience as the notjustOk hype for February of 2009. […]

  2. knighthouse is a house of power and talent keep it up.

  3. knighthouse is a house of power and talent keep it up.

  4. JONZYO says:

    Born & raised in mushin but sent bck to the uk my music & my story has inspired alot of ppl & i continue to do so fuck the uk excuse my language but im looking to blow up the 9ja music scene my heart belongs to naija im only 18 years old & my doctor here in the uk has giving me an expiry date due to my sickle cell so i want no other than for knighthouse to publicise my story to the world & let my songs rain on the young minds you will holla bck if u looking for raw underground talent thats ready to hit mainstream by gods grace bfor da day i die my music would hav touched many my name is youngs aka jonzyo BROTHERD.KETIKU@GMAIL.COM im ready to make nighthouse proud

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