DOWNLOAD:Oritse Femi - Wicked World (ft Ben Jossy) // IWE –notjustOk

Oritse Femi – Wicked World (ft Ben Jossy) // IWE

Post by Ovie O, February 10th, 2009

Oritse Femi is one of only a few Konto music artistes left. Naija is becoming so hiphop-filled that the other genres are slowly suffering. He's a full-blooded Warri boy, but he's learnt his trade in Ajegunle, Lagos. His previous album "Elewon" was a smash in the Konto/Galala world, and I think this is even better, with a few cross-over songs like this one.

Personally, I'm addicted to his new album. Let me know your thoughts. Would you slip this into your ipods if u could?



HEAVY BONUS: "IWE." For all the Galala, Suo and ALANTA lovers, this one's for y'all. Oya… you are permitted to go crazy on this one.
Btw, at 0:57, did he say "Warri boys, dem be thief???" lmao!

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