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More Music: BlackBoyDown

Post by Demola OG, August 23rd, 2006


You know what? I’m sticking to music all week. I’ll start with a group called BlackBoyDown which consists of Tec and Ghost. They are a HipHop, Nigerian group but i think they prefer being classified AFRICAN MADE and GLOBALLY PAID. I listened to some of their Joints on their Myspace page and these guys are not followers. Breath of fresh air! Blackboydown has created a sound of their own compared to cliche Naija hiphop music, the group has created a lane for itself. What they are doing reminds me of what Kweli, Mos Def and ’em (other conscious rappers) did for hiphop in ’98/’99. Lyrics are on point, their flow is tite, but it can be titer. However, I have an intuition that they will be dropping a SOLID album when it comes out. Listen to some of their song songs here

On my next post, I’ll talk about a female Nigerian Singer…

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